Wanna Cry – Spotting Fake Emails

You may have heard in the media recently that a “Ransomware” outbreak, called “Wannacry” has hit numerous hospitals in the UK, as well as businesses around the globe, and as a result you may asking What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a piece of software that will enter your network – be it through an email, an exposed server vulnerability, or a program downloaded off the Internet that encrypts your data and holds it for ransom – usually requesting payment in Bitcoins.

It is incredibly important that in this day and age you protect yourself and your business against vulnerabilities and that if you think you have been hit with this, that you contact an IT Professional as soon as possible to assist you in safeguarding your business and your data.

For more information on Wanna Cry, have a read over the Symantec article here:


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