24x7x365 Website Monitoring with YupTimer

Which monitoring service should you use for your customers and yourself..?

With the advent of the 24x7x365 connected world and in particular as a company responsible for monitoring highly available 24x7x365 operations, we had to have a solution to monitor the external availability of some customer facing (or, in some cases, not-so-customer-facing-but-still-important) endpoints.

We explored the usual options – Status Cake, Uptime Robot, Pingdom, but we found that it was actually pretty damn expensive for the seemingly simple requirements we had, which were:

  • Monitor thing
  • Tell us if thing breaks

So, what did we do? We wrote a product called YupTimer. YupTimer (https://yuptimer.com) is a cloud native, scalable application powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

We use Lambda, Cloudfront, Dynamo DB and RDS to provide YupTimer for free to over 200 customers monitoring over 1,000 endpoints.

YupTimer provides 1 and 5 minute monitoring, as well as alerting to Google, Slack, SMS and Email, with Teams and Telegram integrations on their way (they’re on the Jira board, I promise!).

So, before you fork out money for one of the “big three”, give YupTimer a go. You won’t regret it!